Crochet Liners for Chritmas Ball

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Picture of crochet liner  for chritmas  ball  cast with green thread woven cotton
You can knit a Christmas ball in two different ways. The first is to knit lace pieces with thread and a ball adjuntarles handmade satin ornammental designed for the job.
At craft stores you can find satin balls to make your own ornaments . Come in a variety of sizes, but the size of 3 inches (7.62 cm) is commonly used to crochet projects due to the large surface area. Need plush cotton yarn for knitting to crochet size 10 or smaller, and 7 steel crochet hook or smaller number for the size of yarn you choose. Satin balls are decorated with crochet thread , creating lace caps that are placed on top of the ball. Start with a chain of two rows , then add 6 points woven crochet in the second chain on the hook to create a circle , and work the cover who joined rounds . Increase the limit of 6 points in each round and place on the ball to check the size. Use the crochet stitch or filet crochet by combining double points crochet and chain to expand the lace cap to the sides of the ball. The pins with round heads of silver, gold or pearls woven piece stick the ball and add a decorative touch as well

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    nices job i like this crochet liner for the crictmas ball i s awesome i will like tu have one of these balls to put in my chritmas tree