Crocodile Trompe L'oeil

Introduction: Crocodile Trompe L'oeil

trompe l'oeil it is a visual illusion in art, especially as it is used to fool the eye into perceiving painted as a three dimensional object detail. I've done is make a crocodile that follows you with his eyes is very simple

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Step 1: Trompe L'oeil

It is a painting technique that tries to trick the eye playing with the (real or simulated) architectural environment, perspective, shading and other optical effects and pretense, getting a "heightened reality or substitution of reality

Step 2: Materials

Step 3: Printing and Cuting

you have to cut it along the black line

Step 4: Bending the Body of the Crocodile

to bend the body the only thing we need is all very well helping us to bend a rule

Step 5: Bending the Head of the Crocodile

the head is the most difficult to bend because the lines are not marked but we have to be shaped concave

Step 6: Paste It Everything

I used to glue universal glue and tweezers

Step 7: Crocodile Explanation

Although we turned the head so that it is completely concave (inward), we perceive it as if it were convex (outwardly, as any head).Due to all folds that we have made, the dragon will always look regardless of the angle from which you observe.This effect also influences the large size of their eyes, like observing from a camera or turn a blind eye.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Crocodile? That's new :) Sometimes it's a dragon, sometimes it's a dinosaur. I have one of these above my computer (From the Gathering For Gardener design)