Cross Pistol or Mechanism of Crossbow





Introduction: Cross Pistol or Mechanism of Crossbow

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basically i made this to show how i made mechanism for crossbow

crossbows are legal in most countries.check out the laws on Wikipedia or Google before proceeding further.All i know its legal in India.also please write in comments below which countries have it legal.

Step 1: Making the Design

use compass and scale to create basic concept design and arrange the materials for it.

Step 2: Making It Real Part One-mechanism

copy the design onto the wood and first cut it with small hacksaw
then follow this video to see how to copy final art of design onto it (accuracy required)
then drill and sand it up.

Step 3: Making It Real Part Two-making the Body of the Crossbow

you'll need straight strips of wood
there are three layers of it so get three.
drill them accordingly
join with screws nails and glue as shown in images

Step 4: Making It Real Part Three-making the Pistol Grip

in last version i joined pistolgrip from bb gun this time i am going to use wood

Step 5: Fix a Bow or Rubberband Strip

pvc bow is the best but use rubberband made from tire if unavalable. 
fire it until its string breaks ones.
then replace the string

Step 6: Fin made a crossbow or something similar.
now go on a hunt or target practice. 



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    The videos were just to give an idea of how I sandpaper the parts to reduce friction.

    Btw,ill be making a new one, so I'll make better steps guide this time

    The videos were just to give an idea of how I sandpaper the parts to reduce friction.

    Btw,ill be making a new one, so I'll make better steps guide this time

    Oh,sorry about the videos,but I didn't have springs on this one because of small size, but you can place it behind the trigger, like in the photo.

    Unless you are making crsspistol, springs are a must.

    I don't have a BB gun to use for the handle, so I might use an old hot glue gun. Just cut off the rest so it does not get in the way of the trigger.
    Great build.

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    good job. I have been working on some new ideas for a cross bow but have had difficulty finding out how to make it work. your trigger is just what i needed. you will get props if i post it.

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    Thanks.Same happed with me three years back and I started to experiment a lot to find out a correct mechanism and created four different mechanism all with different design. This one was the best.

    I can understand your situation very well.

    Probably not a proper Instructable comment but this hit a nerve.

    It's not that crossbows are legal in "backwards" countries, it's that crossbows are legal in free countries. Having the legal right to own and bear a weapon, even an archaic one, is what distinguishes a citizen from a subject or a serf. History is quite clear on the matter. 

    India is far from "backward" in many respects, particular it's humane political system. Many in the world are all impressed by China right now but I would far prefer to live in India than China or anywhere else in the "developing" world, purely because my basic rights as a human being would be better respected both on the basis of modern law and by ancient custom. 

    Oh, and good mechanism, by the way. 

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