Crossbow W/removable Stock



Intro: Crossbow W/removable Stock

Step 1:

make the body and barrel and add white peices

Step 2:

make the trigger and put the barrel on

Step 3:

put connector on

Step 4:

put blue rod through yellow connector hole and white connector

Step 5:

put other side on

Step 6:

add connectors there

Step 7:

put other blue connector on

Step 8:

add bullet stopper in barrel

Step 9: The Bow

put red rods in the front like this

Step 10:

like this

Step 11:

you need 14 of these

Step 12:

follow the pic

Step 13:

it should look like this

Step 14:

do on both sides

Step 15:

it should look like this

Step 16: Stock

follow the pic

Step 17:

follow the pics

Step 18:

follow pics......

Step 19:


Step 20: Adding Rubberbands,loading,and Firing

how hard it shoots depends on how many rubberbands you put on it

Step 21:

different kinds of bullets



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    i made mini versions of some peoples guns.....should i post them