Crude (arrowheads) Points




I made these fine plastic points from old gift cards, it took me about one minute to make them. They are easier then making from metal or finding them. they can be used as small weapons for rodents. they are best for camping trips or just your home aid bugout kit. Enough of me babbling on, you are going to need:

a pair of scissors I used my small letherman micra scissors attachment

a knife again i used my micra for it

you will also need a gift card i used an old amazon one for the finished product

I gave an example of one in the pictures. you can cut them into all kinds of shapes but i made them into a arrowhead shape.
you are going to want to sharpen the edges, remember not to pull the blade towards you.

The one on the left is my first one, its basic but very sharp. the middle one has two little nicks, i added those on purpose. the third is the largest and weirdest looking.

you can do all sorts of things with these for example you can use them in home aid Fletching(arrow making).

​I'm not responsible for any human or animal wounds, DO NOT AIM AT PEOPLE.  sorry about the caps just cant have the safety overlooked.  



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