CubeChair (A Portable Cardboard Box Chair)



Using a square cardboard box to make a portable chair.

Necessary Materials: a square box made of cardboard, extra cardboards, a ruler, a scissor, a tape 

1. Open the Cardboard box. I used 12 * 12* 12 inches.
2. Measure the hypotenuse of the box. Mine was about 17 inches.
3. Create 3 cardboards that is 17(hypotenuse) * 12 inches.
4. Insert and tape one of 17*12 inches cardboard inside of the box.
5. Fold two of 17*12 inches cardboards in the middle and one end of it ( use the second diagram).
6. Tape the two cardboards inside of the box.
7. Unfold the box and make it to square.
8. Make a rectangluar hole for the handle.
9. Sit and enjoy your new chair!


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