Cup Cake Manicure (manicure for Dummies)

Intro: Cup Cake Manicure (manicure for Dummies)

hey guys :)
well i am experimenting on  nail art.. and to be honest i am new at it :D
i tried cup cake manicure last week so i thought i will put an instructable for u to see it :D

it is for  my DUMMIES  friends :)

i am a DUMMY  and i am PROUD of it. ( coz practice make a person perfect :)  )

Step 1: Step One Gathering Your Stuff

gather your stuff

this step is important because it will be a fuss if u don't keep your things at your hand's reach.

1. nail enamels ( ones i took are in the pic)
2. nail remover
3. cotton bud ( 1 or 2 )
4. cotton ball (for fussed nails)
5. finger separating device or foam ( optional)

Step 2: Step 2 Conditioning

condition your hands
it is an important step because your hands need conditioning.

Step 3: Step 3 Apply Two Coats of Nail Polish

apply first coat
apply second coat

Step 4: Step 4 Dot the Pink Nails

make dots on pink nails

follow this instructable on how to make dotted nails

Step 5: Step 5 Pink Brick on Blue Nails

make a brick on blue nails

Step 6: Step 6 Make Lines on the Bricks

make lines on the bricks

Step 7: Step 7 Make a Balloon

 i don't know how to make it lolxx... the 1st pick is what i was suppose to make :D
2nd pic is what i made :P

Step 8: Voila .. Itz Done:)

done :)



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