Cupcake Nail Art

Introduction: Cupcake Nail Art

About: mother of 3 princesses ;)

I'll be showing you how to do a very easy cupcake nail art ..

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Step 1: Supplies

1.base coat coat polish
4.different shade of pink
5.white polish or acrylic paint (I'll be using the paint)
6. three different colors for the sprinkles mine are blue orange and green
7. dotting tool or ( tooth pick)

Step 2: Base Coat

always apply base coat for protection of your natural nail ...
let it dry

Step 3: Part 1 Cupcake Liner

with your light pink do a tip on your nails like the photo sure not to go from corner to corner leave a small gap on both sides
let it dry

Step 4: Cupcake Top (frosting)

1.using your dotting tool or tooth pick
make small dots on top of the pink like the first photo.
2.then connect the first and. last dots making a half circle like the second photo
3.lastly fill it in
it should look like the third photo ;)
let it dry

Step 5: Part 2 of the Cup Cake Liner

with your darker pink make thin lines on the light pink like so (start from the middle down ...u can use a dotting tool tooth pick or a nail striper I'll be using a nail striper

Step 6: Cherry on Top ;)

using either of your pinks make a dot on the tip top of the frosting for a little cherry effect ;)

Step 7: Time for Sprinkles ;)

now make small sprinkles using any colors u like on top of your white ..I'll be using blue green and orange ...
let dry ...

Step 8: Top Coat

once its all dry add your top coat for some shine and for your polish to last longer ;)
and your all finished hope you all like it

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