Curvy Mermaid

I made this costume because the mermaid costume I wanted to buy only went to size 10.I combined a lot of ideas from the internet. Its 2 separate pieces. The top is a steel boned corset in beige .I added pieces of the skirt fabric to make it look like it flows into one piece. Shells from a craft store were sprinkled with holographic glitter. The skirt was made from fabric I bought online. I created a pattern using brown craft paper and cut fabric accordingly. Once the skirt was sewn, I added net mesh to fluff it out so I could walk, and coordinating colors of organza fabric cut into strips to the bottom. I made the two larger fins by creating a pattern, cut sequin and leather using that pattern. I sewed them together and left the top side open and added a piece of cardboard to each to stabilize them. Then I attached the fins.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is stunning! Do you still have the pattern? I'd love to see what shapes you used. It's the kind of thing that seems obvious to people who sew, but not so much to everyone else.

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    Not anymore. This is actually my first outfit! I cant sew all that good, but I had to improvise. I tacked the craft paper to the wall and kinda scetched what I thought my front leg looks like, and I used stretch fabric because it's so forgiving