Custom Kirby Usb Flash Drive





Introduction: Custom Kirby Usb Flash Drive

I had a flash drive with a broken plastic case, so rather than tossing out the innards, I decided to use some Sculpey clay and make a new body for it.

I used "Sculpey III" clay, numbers 503 (Hot Pink), 303 (Dusty Rose), 001 (white), and 042 (black). I also used a broken PNY Attache flash drive. (You can use any flash drive you may have lying around)

Step 1: Clay Time...

For this step, I took a strip (there are four strips per block) of both the hot pink clay and of the dusty rose. I then split both strips in half. With both sets of two, I mixed the hot pink and dusty rose together to make the solid pink on the main picture.

I pushed each mixture into a 5x5 inch circle, and placed the flash drive into one of them. On the other circle, I made small ovals with the black clay for the eyes, followed by small white dots at the top of each eye. For the mouth and cheeks, I took a tiny bit of the hot pink clay to make two ovals for the cheeks, and a half circle for the mouth.

You can now place the top circle on the one with the flash drive in it. (make sure there is no air between the two circles, as the bubbles will be there after you bake it.) Now use your finger to smooth the edges together.

Step 2: Heating Time...

Use a toaster oven set to 275 degrees, and place your Kirby on a piece of tin foil. Bake him for 7 minutes. When it is done, do not remove it right away, IT WILL BE HOT! When it is cool to the touch, place it in the room for about 10 minutes so that the clay has time to harden on the inside, and so the metal usb contact has time to cool.

Step 3: You're All Set!

You are all set now! Your Kirby should be all set to use, and you can show him off to all of your friends.



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    13 Discussions

    I had been wondering if a USB would withstand the heat of an oven but didn't want to take a chance to find out. Thanks for the info.

    This is great! Now my sister's USB will not be "naked" anymore. Thanks!

    I didn't have a problem when I baked it. The clay bakes from the outside in, so the middle tends to stay relatively cool during the process. When it hardens, give the contact and everything time to cool before plugging it into the computer.

    poor kirby with his head stuck in a computer AND HE STILL SMILES... lol nice instructable and it propably gets a little scary at times when you look at him and hes still smiling!

    Ummm... wouldn't the USB stick malfunction from the clay and especially the heat from the oven? P.S.-- just a little idea, make something that would be cool when the light flashes(for example; make a one-eyed goblin with the light on the eye!)

    1 reply

    I thought that the USB would malfunction, by being heated up to much and cracking, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn't die on me! The idea for a one-eyed goblin is excellent! I didn't realize that the light would still be visible through the clay, so to see the light afterwards kind of surprised me. If you make one like this, I'd love to see some pics!

    If you were to make like a figure, would it melt? For example, let's say there was a ball. I put it to bake, would it start to mush down and melt, or would it bake the way it was? Not really a ball.. just an example. Thanks!

    1 reply

    When making a figure, make sure it is placed horizontally, and not standing up, otherwise it will burn because it would be too close to the bulbs in the oven. The good thing about Sculpey clay is that it doesn't melt, but if you make a sphere, it might flatten out while baking.

    Cool! I might do this, this is awesome, it's easy too! Nice job! (added to favorites)

    now i have the green greens theme in my head good job on this man