Custom Sign Made From Used Brass Clutch Disc on Waterjet Using Vectric Aspire




this was made from a clutch disc from a underground mining truck, the trick was that it had a large hole in the centre so i had to make the design utilze the hole. used vectric aspire v2 to design the mach 3 on the waterjet to cut it out, a bit of polishing and a mirror behind and the bloke was happy az

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    6 years ago

    Yeah no dramas you can contact me at and send me some info of what your after or look at my face book xpiggy customs. Thanks for the remarks


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi xpiggy,

    let me start off by complementing you on your great work with this project, it looks awesome. I was wondering if creating custom emblems is something you do on the side? Because i would be quite interested in getting something done.