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Introduction: Cut Onion Without Tear

About: I am an 13 year old Indian boy.i live in a village in west Bengal. i love to make new thing. i have no friend in my village and school.i love hobby is making weapon.i love hunting

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cheapest way to cut onion without tear.

take the onion and put this on refrigerator .8 minute later  take out the onion and cut this.

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    Try putting a small fan near your cutting board to blow the airborn juices away from your face.

    I doubt about your method, because I keep the onions in the fridge, and when I peel and cut them, I cry a lot.

    Maybe I am sad because the onion dies...

    No method is completely tear free, this method does work for small yellow onions if you're not overly sensitive to the onion vapors. BTW you can also wash them in cold water, light a candle, light some incense, pay someone else to do it or use my method of walking away and using a tissue to pat my eyes every few min.

    Seems to me the small onion went into the freezer for 10 minutes, rather than just the fridge section. I will try this for 15 in the freezer section with a larger one. If it stops me weeping and sniffling into the food I'm cooking, I'll try anything! :)

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    Oh! I see another entry and clip by the same person. LOL Personally, if I was going to chop up an onion with the peel still on, I would wash the onion first.