Cut Perfect Miters on Extremely Small Stock

Introduction: Cut Perfect Miters on Extremely Small Stock

I am a box maker. When making very small boxes with mitered corners, one's fingers are uncomfortably close to the blade. I use an old Black & Decker (it's old and loud, but extremely accurate) with an 80 tooth carbide blade. With a scrap piece of 2 by (I actually lamiinated two pieces of 1 by popular), about 12" of T-track, apiece of 1/4" masonite and a bench hold down does the trick. Cut a slot in the masonite to clear the T-track and clamp it on top of the jig to the saw's fence and use it as a stop block. Fifteen minutes to fabricate including the dado for the T-track and I can cut a 3" mitered side every fifteen seconds.

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