Cutting Board

Introduction: Cutting Board

these cutting boards are wonderful. you can use most of the scrap wood you have. this is my first post so bear with me

Step 1: Materials

sorry about the mess I just cleaned out my dust collector because the filter went bad

first off you need

all of the pieces of wood of any kind you can get. they need to be about 17 inches long
you need some light and some dark. I used maple and walnut.

wood glue

you will also need some veneer

Step 2: Tools

you will need

a miter saw

a table saw

3 or more clamps

brushes for glue

a bandsaw

a planer

belt sander and orbital/ palm sander


a drill press for inlay

jointer for smoothing edges(highly recommended)

Step 3: Cut Your Pieces

cut the pieces to 3 inches by 17 inches. you should cut 8 pieces 4 light 4 dark

Step 4: Glue

glue the boards and put them in clamps 2 on bottom one on top. make sure the boards fit as best as they can.the grain should also be switched every other board. up- down etc...

Step 5: Cutting Design

choose a design. take the two glued boards and nail then together one in each corner. cut the boards in half following your design.
the above picture is my design.

Step 6: Glue Again

glue the boards so that they fit together corectly. make sure you glue the veneer in as well.

Step 7: Plane

useing a planer plane the boards so they are flat and remove all chips and other flaws from the wood.

Step 8: Cut to Length and Round Corners

cut your board so it is square on every side.using the bandsaw cut a curve into the board so it is rounded. remove saw marks and smooth out cut on the belt sander.

Step 9: Optional: Router Edges

give the board a rounded edge. I did one with and without this step

Step 10: Sand

sand starting with 60 grit to remove burn marks, saw marks, and any otyer thing you dont like.
proceed to 80 grit and then to 120. after that you get to 150 which is the last chance to make sure all of the flaws are out. after that you are just polishing it in. you then need to go to 180 and then 220. at 220 you should use multiple speeds for smoother results.

Step 11: Finishing

after the dust has cleared use mineral oil to finish it off.rub it in with your hands and let soak in for 6 hours before wiping off residue.

Step 12: Done

now your cutting is ready for whatever is cut on it. give it to a relative or friend. enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    I don't understand what you're doing with the veneer? I think you could have broken this down into more steps.