Cyber Punk USB




the parts for the usb is an old hard drive i dissasembeled for the parts, and a thin USB stick, that is 4mm thick

Step 1: The Tools

i used
-tin snips, to cut through the metal for the casing and the pcb curcuit board
-hot glue gun, to join the parts together

Step 2: Making the Casing

I cut 2 pieces fo the casing that are 4mm wider than the usb and 4mm longer than the boddy of the usb.

thier was a joining piece that was a right angle i used for the back with two pieces i folded to start the sides of the casing. i glued this to the botom piece of the casing.

i then cut a piece of pcb cuircuit board for a side panale and glues a micro chip onto it for efect. i then stuck it to the starting point of the side panal

for the other side i used some flexable cuircut wiering what was ridged enough to bend ro fit around the side of the casing, i then glued it on the other side of the casing.

Step 3: Fitting the USB

i put some hot glue into the botom of the casing, and placed the usb onto it, leaving enough room so it could fit into a usb port.

i then filled the rest of the casing with hot glue, and fitted the top piece of metal to the casing fulley enclosing the usb.

Step 4: Finishing

i fineshed of the look by glueing on mor pieces of flexible circuit wiering, and pieces of pcb board and micro chips



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    11 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Could you take it outside and photograph in good daylight? I think you'd be able to show the details better (bit dim inside, and a flash might reflect too much)


    6 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thank you for your comment, it isent the lighting, its my camera, i dont curentley have use of a better higer resolution than a 1 megapixle


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I would have to agree with L here . . . I've seen truly remarkable photos taken with a webcam or ancient camera phone. It's mostly a matter of learning the tricks of the trade so to speak! Good lighting takes you photos about 80% i think . . . daylight is best but failing that you can get a bright lamp or a flashlight with a homemade diffuser (some great tutorials on this site for just that!) the rest is good framing, a steady hand (or tripod) and some image post processing. Interesting idea though! love that you did this whole thing with spare hard drive bits (especially the fact that you used the HD casing for the shell!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    sure! I'm no expert photographer but someone gave me a more detailed version of that post and it's helping me so i figured I should pass it along!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thank you for your input, for any lator instructables i will use your advice as this is what this place is all about (helping others out)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Oops,I didn't read the whole instructable.My mistake. Might want to get better pictures though.Can't see anything in the picture.