Cyber Ray Gun Unpainted

Introduction: Cyber Ray Gun Unpainted

 i made this cyberpunk styled ray gun out of a piece of wood , a piece of my old bb-gun and some old metal pieces i found in one of my boxes , 

still need to paint it , when it is painted ill upload some new pic's 

Step 1: The Handle

as you see on this pic i have glued the handle on the upperside and naild it stable together with a nail and a hammer , first i cut out the shape of the handle and filed it right ,  

Step 2: Bits and Pieces 1

 as you see over here i  sawed off a piece of a bb-gun and glued it on with bizon kit ( you can use every kind of glue thad sticks on plastic wood and all thad stuff ) and trough the hole where the old screw was i putten a longer screw 

the wooden stripes i used on the handle where from my old butterfly knife but you can cut them also youre self from some pieces of wood (remember just cut the shape and then file them out gently ) or just use plastic or somthing else , the trigger is made of a hooked screw and the thing under the handle is a radio button 

Step 3: The Loops

 the loop i made of some old metal pieces i found in my old metal box  i think they are nozzles the first one is a nozzle of a stash pipe i gues you can get those pipes also in america (or al around the world i live in holland so you can get them almost everywere :P) 

Step 4: The Bottom

 as you can see at the bottom there are wires and a dynamo , the dynamo is in almost every toy thad has a spinning system ore lightning system , and the wires ,  you know how to get them . i just burried them under glue (drying 24 hour ) 

Step 5: The Fantasy Behind the Gun ?

 you know if you made a thing , you need some fantasy ore else you dont really know what you doing 

the fantasy behind this gun is  thad it is a gun made by rebels in a cyberpunk age by bits and pieces from an old junkyard ,the trigger makes contact with the dynamo creates a kind of electric shock and turn thad electrodes on in to a heat ray force thad beams you up to nobody's land , in other words you die! 

if i get my money ill wil buy some paint and dye it , and maybe ill will get a nerf gun and dye it to . 

maybe you get to see the nerf gun dying to 

later the painting :-D


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