Daft Punk Helmet Homemade




STEP 1 - Find helmet. beisball batting helmet was a pretty close match 

STEP 2 - Use two Red bull cans for ear sections(other brands are not wide enough). Cut them down and use the bottom sections only.

STEP 3 - Attachment The paper visor and jaw assembly were attached to the bill and sides of the helmet with masking tape.

STEP 4 -  Bondo time! Lay this stuff thick since this will be the base and will need to be sanded down a lot to start the form you want.

STEP 5 - WETSAND! Use waterproof sandpaper(medium and fine grit) with soapy water and start going to town on the helmet untill it is super smooth. I mean really smooth. Any imperfections will show after its painted.

STEP 6 - BASE PRIMER. For the base I used a flat black sandable-primer spray paint by Krylon. Two coats

STEP  7- FINAL COAT OF PAINT. I used mettalic silver spray paint by Krylon again. Two coats only.

STEP 8-LENS. I went to the local Plastic Supply store and picked up a sheet of smoked acrylic(plexiglass) sheet. In order to make the curve you have to use a heatgun or propane torch while you bend it to the angle you need. Cutting was done beforehand using a jigsaw with a plexiglass-safe blade.

STEP 9- Human after all

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7 years ago on Introduction

that actually looks sickass! could you post a video link cause the instructions are a bit confusing. overall its amazing!