Dark Venetian Nobleman Costume

Introduction: Dark Venetian Nobleman Costume

Hi, this is my first instructable ever, and because this is the begin of it, I apologize myself for my occasional mistakes in the English language.
The only reason i made this costume was because i first made a cool cape, and an month or so later, i thought it wasn't complete yet. But because an awesome cape gives you infinite possibilities, i can, of course, make other sets with it. 

In case you're wondering, the cape, hat, hood and mask can be very hot. So if you want to use it inside for a masquerade bal or something and actually dance with it, it would be wise if you use lighter materials than i used. But heavy stuff like this fabric gives it a quite epic look.

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Step 1: Stuff You'll Propably Need

-normal scissors
-scissors for fabric (other ones can be though to use)
-something to measure with
-a sewing machine with equipment (needles etc.)
see that step
-ingedrients for papier maché
-paint (to your own taste)
-something elastic
-plaster strips
-preferably the same fabric as your cape
-a old black shirt with long sleeves
-some silk-like fabric
-black, discrete trousers

Step 2: The Cape

The cape wasn't my own design, i have it from a file that is included.
As you read it, you'll see you can easily put you're own adjustments in it.
If you're not pro: type in google "how to make cloak " and search for the very first pdf file you see
for my cape/cloak i used some very heavy curtaincloth, my mom has bought a full roll of it, ( must be 25m to 1,50m) so i can make some cool stuff with it.

As you can see, i've put a hood on it, but i can't use it with my mask. (i went for the real style, see the hood-step)
So i just fold it between my back and the cloak itself.

And in the pictures, you might have noticed the small belt.
It's just a leather belt i've attached in the shoulders to prevent the cloak from falling off.
To tighten it up, you first have to go with the belts over you're shoulders, the it goes to you're back and there you attach them together.

ps: the model is my little sister

Step 3: The Mask

You can say i really made some steps that weren' needed, but i'll just say what i did.
First, i laid some plaster straps on my face, and when i did that, i forgot to poor some vaseline or oil on my face before starting.
So if you do not need a good facial hair removal, it's strongly advised to use the vaseline. But i did it the painway.
If you're not really looking for a perfect facefit, you don't have to do the plasterpart

I made this plasterface to put some clay in it and press it firmly  so i would have a good start for my mold.
Then, as you can see on the pics, i almost made a full clay statue of the mask, what made it very heavy.

Then, when the clay dried, i put some toilet paper on it and the i started some papier maché.
I used the old fashioned way with newspapers and glue.
after 6 layers (but you can put on a few more), i let it dry for a few days and then i gently pulled it off.
This is a very crucial step. In case of minor cracks, you can cut off the sides until you have the desired result.
If there are some bigger cracks, you better do some papier-maché on it and let it dry again.

Then whe have come to the painting. When i made my mask i used a black primer and a red, glossy finishingpaint out of a can.

For attaching it to the head, i made 4 holes as you can see on the picture. And i finished with a white elastic band 

ps: the little gap in the nose is for attaching my glasses on the outside, it also works with sunglasses wich gives a strange effect

Step 4: The Hood

I made this hood because you can see on the pictures of the venetian carnival, the hood must fit neatly around the mask.
So i took some of the black fabric, and i cut out 50cm to 1m and i folded it in two.
Then i measured the length of my head, and i let this length open on 1 side of the fold, and i sewed the rest of that side.
The remaining 2 sides must remain open.

Step 5: The Shirt

For the shirt, i just searched the house for an old, black shirt with long sleeves.
Then i took some silky fabric, and i teared some 4cm wide lines out of it. It is of course to your own taste how you situate it and how long they are.
But afterwards, my grandmother said she had some real rufflething (i don't remember the real name) and included with that also some ruffles for the hands.

inspiration for this one comes from this instructable:

Step 6: The Trousers

You can make some exclusive trousers for this if you want, but i simply took a formal, black trousers.

Step 7: Details

I tried to make a tricorn hat, but i have not found some good leather or some good felt, so i just took a hat from a pirate set.
But the colours are quite the same, so me being lame, i was pleased with this small hat.
I'm thinking to add a big, white feather on it, but that's for later on.

Then i also wear some black, leather gloves with it, to give myself a more mysterious look (somehow).

I might add a staff or something, i might add a picture of that later on.

And that's it! My next project is almost done, about a month or so i will upload it.

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