Dark Eagle

Introduction: Dark Eagle


this me sidearm the dark



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    lol this sounds like the aryans (advanced guns) killing all the inferior (MOST block triggers and copies). Oh noes it's KWI

    It's a guide on building good knex guns. It is was written by Oodalumps, practically the inventor of a lot of things, including Oodammo and the knex machine-gun. It shows people who are new to knex how to build powerful guns for themselves. Take some time to read, it's worth it.

    it needed a bit more power but i nailed my brother on his head with it and he was about 50feet away from me and by what i mean when i said i've made this gun already is when you posted dresert eagle i downloaded the pdf for it

    Lighten up people, we don't really have a rulebook that everyone picks up through the door.

    Anyways, Yes, the design for this weapon is rather primitive as far as K'nex weapons go. However, we all need to start somewhere. I'm sure you have a good future ahead of you. I had to take notice that you're obviously older than most people here. A general trend is that the older you are, the more capable at building things you are. A lot of of our innovators are all late teens or adults. Keep building. d(^_^d)

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    Funny thing is this dude is a lot older than most people on the site. Did you just start building or something?

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