Dark Sensor Using LDR(light Dependent Resistor)



Introduction: Dark Sensor Using LDR(light Dependent Resistor)

This circuit sense the darkness and turn on the LED

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Step 1: Components Required:

LDR - 1

10k trimpot - 1 or 10k resistor

1k resistor - 2

BC 547 transistors - 2

LED - 1

battery - 9v

Step 2: Dark Sensor Schematic Circuit Diagram

This is the schematic circuit diagram. it is drawn in eagle cad pcb software. also i have attached eagle schematic file here...


Step 3: Dark Sensor Pcb Board Layout Diagram

finally this is the pcb board layout for the dark sensor. also i have attached the eagle board layout file here


Step 4: Final Output

In this picture the LDR detects the dark and turn on the LED

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