Dart Game With Office Supplies

Introduction: Dart Game With Office Supplies

Are you bored at a party and not old enough to play REAL darts? Don't have enough money to buy a dart game? Bored at school? In this instructable, i will show you how to make a fun and easy dart game with only office supplies. no glue, either. 
Items needed:
1. some sort of pin (sewing pin, pushpin, etc.)
2. Tape. electrical tape would be perfect. 
3. masking tape or regular is a definite.
4. some paper clips.
5. scissors.
6. Markers (not necessary) 
sorry if the pictures aren't very good. I'm using a webcam. :| this is my first instructable so sorry if it isn't good.

Step 1: The Base

first,take your pin (i'm using a thumbtack) and set it down. Take one of your paper clips and make into a straight line, as straight as you can. then take one side and wrap it around the top of the pin. secure it with electrical tape. 

Step 2: The Flags

take out your clear OR masking tape and cut off 3 in. of it. with markers, draw any pattern on it. i was a little lazy so i just drew triangle man for an example, but i recommend you don't. cut the tape in half. sorry triangle man :(. cut one of the halves in thirds. take one of the thirds and wrap the end around the opposite end of the dart. do the same with the other two. make sure they are all the same size  so it will fly good.

Step 3: The Board

i recommend cardboard or those styrofoam posterboard thingys. draw your own board.

Step 4: Done!!

you're done!

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