Deadly Blow Dart




Introduction: Deadly Blow Dart

i'm not shure if this has been dun before but i didn't copy anyone
my m8 brendan showed me this 'bout 3 years back hope you like it and.................don't forget to rate tysm ;D

i am not responsible for what you do whith this but have fun!!

Step 1: What You Will Need

what you will need
1:a pin
2:a shoelace end
4:pliers (optional)
5:a highlighter(optional)

leave about half an inch of soft shoelace sticking out of the hard bit of the shoelace

Step 2: Flights

cut 1/3 off the solid bit of the shoelace as shown here then fluff the soft end to make a flight

Step 3: The Pin

take the shoelace and put it in the pliers(or hold it) and push the pin half way into the middle of the lace like this if it's centered push it all the way in

Step 4: Finishing

now color the fluffy bit or leave it normal and your finished have fun but be safe .....woot.....



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    i use an aluminium pipe and that gives me great acuracy and power but ive also used an air rifle which is also good :D

    these darts rock, theyve got really long range and they stick in most stuff :D

    1 reply

    I had made one of those once and swelled it lol try at your own risk

    well, i do ti differently, i skip the cutting of the lace knub thing step. that way the needles are only about .25 inches long and you can shoot people (most) anywhere without the worry of death!!! me and my friends played tag like that a while ago.

    2 replies

    lol i d o what you do Father Christmas and shoot them at the teacher whens she's not looking i was on detention for 2 weeks but i still do it..

    wheres the fun in know death wt if u hate yopur brother lol

    i made the darts and although they are dangerous they are really cool. i have had sooo much fun with them. just make sure no bodys around when you fire them. lol. all in all, i rate this dart 4 stars