Deano's Ultimate Night in Steak Sandwich

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my very own version of a steak sandwich that will beat any greasy takeaway for a well earned night in it with a couple of beers and your choice of side and throw on your favourite film and relax :)

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Step 1: Ingredients

so to start off with you will need the following ...
nice peice of sirlion steak
cherry tomatoes
strong white cheese of your choice
large gherkins

then for the sauces...
dijon mustard
sour cream
jack Daniels habanaro extra hot bbq

Step 2: Cooking ...

Firstly heat a small frying pan and add the lardons and cubed cherry tomatoes with a little oil.

while they are cooking away ..

heat your griddle pan on a high heat until it is red hot, oil and pepper your steak ( remember oil the meat not the pan ) then throw the steak in 3 mins each side ..

while all the meat smells are flirting your nostrils cut the ciabbatta in half and throw it in the oven so it can warm through ...

once your steak is done put it on a chopping board and leave to rest .

remove the chiabatta and spread the mustard one side of it lay lettuce over that add the gherkins sour cream and hot sauce..

slice the steak then lay it on the other peice of chiabatta top with the lardons and tomatoes then shave your cheese over the top ..the back in the oven untill the cheese melts ..take out place up and you are ready to take your taste buds on a journey ....enjoy!!!

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