Debadging a Camera, and Some Repairs




About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

so my bag AH,HA,AHEM. got tripped on or sometghing. the result being a jammed lens , cracked and bent filter ring. and one of the buttons went on a fantastic journey toward the center of the camera keeping me out of all the usefull menus and such.
(force un jammed the lens)
(pliers fixed the ring)
(stripping half the camera and bending back a flimsy pin on the back of the button)

also i think the dead pixels are in season :-)

i like the camera but at its price i dont think its breakableness is acceptable so as iv destroyed any warrentee i might have had (probably didnt) , iv decided not to advertise this camera for free, and have coverd logos and such, iv also replaced the bulky gaudy strap that twists and tangles with a superior strap ironically made by cheaper rival 10 or more years ago.
i did consider filling the logo in but decided it might get messy , maybe another day.



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    this is more a share what you make aspect , hence no step by step,and its me
    sharing a modification in response to a repair i feel shouldn't have been necessary in the first place.
    i wasnt thinking instructables when fixing the camera i was thinking fix the camera or else no dslr. or a 500£ expense. on my journey inside the camera i saw things that were not becoming of a piece of technology of that price bracket, so by blacking out the logos, 1 im not advertising canon, and it makes the camera look more generic so any would be thief doesnt see the canon logo and immediatly think 200£ cash converters. i used thinners and a cotton bud to remove the painted logo by the flash, electrical tape on the lens barrel.and marker pen on the front of the lens.