Decalcify and Repair Your Coffeepad Machine

In this instructable i´m gonna show you how easy it is to decalcify you coffeemachine and save a lot of money.

I repaired a Dolce Gusto where the guarantee is extinct years ago so i tried on my own to repair this.

The problem was that the machine is losing water when you are gonna make a coffee.


You are doing this on your own risk.

Please work responsibly.

If you are open the machine you will lose the guarantee of the machine.

Pull the plug out before you open the cover.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

For the repair you need the following things:

- a 10-Torx screwdriver

- a spoon

- some cotton bud for cleaning the plastic parts

- a glas of water mixed with some descaler

- some paper towels

That is all you need for the repair :)

Step 2: Let Us Get the Case

Before you open anything:

!!! Pull the plug out !!!

After you have removed the watertank you see 8 screws.

Take out the srews.

Now you have to open the shell first on the top, because on the down side of the case there is a little plastic nose you have to open it carefully.

For more details see the pictures.

Step 3: Searching for the One Ring.....

When you removed the case you will definitely see the problem.

Now you can remove the rubber ring to see how strong it is damaged.

Maybe you have to buy a new one.

Remove the sieve, which is made of plastic too.

Now put both parts in the glas which is filled with water and a little bit of a descaler

and wash it clean.

You can clean the sieve holder with a Qtip too.

If you have cleaned everything you can put the sieve and rubber ring in the holder back and see

the different before and after the cleaning.

Before you put the shell back it is recommend to clean the backside of the case with the descaler water.

Step 4: Testing...

Screw the shells together, put the watertank on the machine and set a paper towel under the machine.

Pull the plug in the socket and make a cup of coffee.

If there is no water soaked in the towel your repair worked very well and you are finish.

But before you drink a coffee you gonna have to wash the descalingwater out.

I hope you understand my writing and you also had a success by repairing your own machine.

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