Decoration at It's Easiest: Unexpected Reuse :)

Intro: Decoration at It's Easiest: Unexpected Reuse :)

'cause everything is different if you look closer! :)

i know this is not the best instructable ever, it's a reflection. I think this is a funny coincidence, and that's why I'm keeping this. 'cause sometimes we're not sure things are worthy, i think the lesson is to keep our eyes and mind open and if is not a coincidence, you can also do this on purpose :p

this time it needed...
-leftings of sand and wood (optional and changeable)

Step 1: The Unexpected.

I was doing a homework and needed some glue but when looking for it, i found out that it was totally dried and hard... it wasn't pure but has leftings of sand and wood. it wasnt useful for my homework but it was for fun. when I Took apart the glue from where it was contained and i saw it was actually looking good.. as a portait so i took off the remaining parts of the glue and now its ready to be a decorative item. :)

Step 2: Cutting Off and Smoothing Edges

Step 3: Done

thanks for watching :) hope you liked it.



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