Decorative Paper Towel Holder From E-Waste




Intro: Decorative Paper Towel Holder From E-Waste

We are slowly building a Makerspace ( out of a building the Long Hollow Nieghborhood Association is loaning. We have had our trials and tribulations and had to rebuild earlier this year because a freak flood in July 2012. Because I have been so ocused on the big picture, I keep forgetting to do is buy a paper towrel rack for the bathroom.

I went to get one today and the local stores I visited didn't have a wall mounted unit. Mother Necessity inspired me suddenly when I was told for the third time: "sorry we have no racks...", I realized we had piles of cables from a E-Waste collection at the space and I remembered how we used to hang the towels on a small piece of rope in the shop when I was young. I found a composite cable in the mess which I thought would make very appropriate decoration for a Makerspace paper towel holder.

The parts you will need:

  • a cable
  • some zip ties
  • two hooks
  • and the towels of course

Step 1: Fold It

Slide the cable through to measure out enough slack to attach the towels to the wall, too short and you won't be able to reach the wall, so it is better to err longer than shorter. Fold the cable to a length that matches the rough measure you took.

The cable I found folded nicely three times leaving each end with the composite cables connectors.  attach a zip-tie near each end to gather the cable folds and make a very small loop at the end.  Trim the excess zip-tie.

Step 2: Hang It

Slide the cable assembly into the paper towel and hold it up to the wall to roughly mark wear you will install the hooks. Install the hooks and hang the towels.



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