Decoupage Jar

This will show you how to turn and ordinary jar of any kind into a tabletop center piece . This center piece will get you compliments.The supplies you need for this project are:magazines ,beads ,decoupage glue ,hot glue gun ,and scissors.

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Step 1:

The first step you do is cut out about 20 to 30 pictures with the same colors but a different shade.This step will take a while.

Step 2:

Next  you put decoupage glue on the back of a picture and stick it on the jar.You do this step till the jar it completely filled.It looks nice if you over lap a couple of the pictures to make it even more marvelous.

Step 3:

After you finish gluing everything on put a layer of the decoupage glue over it to give it a glossy appearance and seal everything down.

Step 4:

Now you put hot glue on a portion of the rim on the jar and drop all different size beads over it .You do this all the way around to hide it from looking like a normal jar.Also to make it look much prettier.

Step 5:

Finally you are finished with a new tabletop center piece that everyone will love.It will sure get you many compliments.

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