Dent B Gone- Dent Puller



I was rear ended and the tail of the honda was folded in.  I am going to remove these dents at Techshop.  Techshop has some dent puller devices, but I wanted a larger slide hammer to work on the honda.  I made this slide hammer at Techshop using the sand blaster, metal cut shop saw, drill press  and the mig welder.  I will weld the tip of the slide hammer onto the car and use the slide hammer to pull the metal out and undent the dent.
In the following sequence, you can see that I used the sand blaster to clean off a piece of tube that I found in the Techshop material area.  I cleaned it, then I cut it.  Then, I drilled a hole in the tube to fit a peice of  all thread into.  By drilling the hole and sending the all thread through, I was able to get more welding surfaces. Then, I welded the smaller piece of tube to the top of the all thread that I also got from Techshop scrap pile.  Now, the larger cut tube slides along the all thread and slams against the welded tube. I also welded some lettering onto the side of the "dent-b-gone"  When the tip of the all thread is welded to the dent area of the car, I can slide the larger tube, have it slam against the smaller tube and that will pull the dent and then I cut the weld off and grind it down. ta da.

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