Deodorent Powered Somthing Launcher

Introduction: Deodorent Powered Somthing Launcher


the idea came from an article i saw here on instructables this is alot smaller though and if i copied your idea THIS AINT THE SAME its obviosly gona be different to yours

what youl need 

pill bottle. or any bottle that wont melt easy

igniter. from an bbq lighter

tape. lots of tape i used clear but i reccomend electrical tape you can get shocks and burns with  the clear tape plus it melts 

pen. take out all the middle parts

somthing to fire wich is anything thatle fit inside a pen

somthing to puch the holes in with i used a screwdriver but i reccomend a drill if you have one

and last but not least deodorent or any flammable arosol thingys

and i dont take responsibility if you blow you your freinds or parts of you house up k :D

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Step 1:

sorry i dont have a camera i had to use my webcam for this so soz if you dont like my tee it is a bit grusome aint it??

Step 2: The Wiring

This is the most importent bit if you dont do this nuthing will happen 

this is where you need tape first you can solder or just wrap the wires to the pin heads then tape down

Step 3: Firing

to fire take off the lid spraydeodorent in for 10 seconds close the  lid  then fire

can fire up to 80 feet when properly load and fired
sorry if you thought it was crap this is my first instructable oh and aim both ends away from body the anti explosion hole can have a few flames come out  i found out ther hard way and  burnt myself have fun and try not to lose any fingers
thanks for reading

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