Designing a 3d Castle on Blender

Introduction: Designing a 3d Castle on Blender

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Today I will be showing you how to design a castle on the 3d designing program, Blender. This is a free but very well made 3d designing program which you can download on your computer. Blender can be connected to many 3d printers so you can print much of what you make on Blender. When you go online to download blender, on the blender sight there will be two options, 32 bit and 64 bit, i am using 32 bit but if you download 64 bit I do not believe it will make a difference. This is also my first instructable so please comment, and tell any suggestions to make my instructables better. Good luck, hope you are proud of your castle in the end!

Step 1: Recognizing

This is how it will look when you start. Look around on the screen and get familiar of where things are but I would recommend not pressing anything yet.

Step 2: Duplicating

When you start the cube will already be selected, so hold down the scroller on your mouse and move the mouse around to change your view to a top view. Then press shift+D to duplicate the cube and G to move the blocks, continue to duplicate until you have two more blocks on each side of the center block. Make sure you do not leave space in between the cubes but also do not compact them to much.

Step 3: Moving

Press B and hold down the left button on your mouse, and make the box that appears big enough so that all of your blocks can fit within the box, then let go of the left button on your mouse and it will have selected all of your blocks. Press G then press X so that when you move your mouse it will move your blocks along the x axis. Move them three lines down as it shows in the picture.

Step 4: Building the Structure

Continue to press duplicate to make the front, remember to make it more precise you can press the axis (y or z) after you press g when moving the cubes. Once you have done this and made sure it was all even, delete the three in the center to make a doorway as shown in the second picture.

Step 5: Make the Front Wall

First hold down your scroll button on the mouse. After this press B+the left button on your mouse and select all the cubes you have made so far ( when you are doing this make sure not to select the other objects like the camera and the light)  then press G then Z to move all the blocks up the Z axis. Do this until you have 7 rows going up (6 more than before).

Step 6: Add Top Layers

Press Shift+A then press mesh and cylinder to get a cylinder. Press the s button to adjust the size to about 5 blocks wide and place it right in the center above the doorway. After you have done this select the cylinder once more (if you deselected it previously) and press tab, this will bring you into edit mode. press b and spread the box that appears over the to layer of dots and press x, then select faces. This will make the cylinder hollow. Keep the top dots selected and go to the bottom and find where it says global, select the line with the diamond at the end this will replace your x, y, and z axis for the shapes with a size adjuster. hold down your left mouse button on the blue size adjuster and pull it down to make it shorter, this is optional but will make it look the best.

Step 7: Crowning the Top Layers

Keep it on edit mode and go back where it says global and re-select the line with an arrow to get back your moving axes. Press A to deselect all. Then select one dot at a time and use the blue line with the arrow to move the dots down. you can see my pattern is two down three up. This will end up uneven but start at the front when doing this pattern so where it is uneven will not show and will not matter later. When you finish go to the back, keeping it on edit mode and bring the top 4 or 5 all the way down, to make an entrance ( just so from a different view this will look better). Then press tab once more to take it off of edit mode

Step 8: More Top Layers

Press shift a and select mesh and cylinder, do this twice so you have two cylinders. then place them on the middle wall back as shown in the picture. Do not crown these ones. adjust it to the size you would like, using s+ the axis you would like to change the size of (x,y, or z). I made mine as thick as one block and about the height of 3 1/2 blocks. Then press shift a, mesh then cone and use the same way to adjust the size so it fits perfectly on your cylinder do this to both cylinders (remember g is move and shift d is to duplicate so you do not have to make multiple of two identical shapes.

Step 9: Shooting Towers

Press shift+a, mesh, then cylinder to make more cylinders (I would only make one and duplicate it). size the cylinder about twice the size of the other cylinders you just recently made in the step 'more top layers'. Press tab to go into edit mode make a box by pressing b then holding down the left button on your mouse and select the top half, then press x and faces to hollow it out. Keep it on edit mode and crown it as you have done before. Then press the back few dots and bring the down about a fourth the way. Go out of edit mode,then duplicate it if you only made one, using shift+d and place one on each corner.

Step 10: Finishing the Walls

Select the blocks and duplicate them to continue building and finishing the walls. Remember you do not have to fill in the castle with blocks it is supposed to be hollow, in fact I did not even build a floor on mine because you cannot see it. mine is in total 10 blocks from the very front to the back.

Step 11: Walls of Protection :)

Now you are going to build small walls to protect your castle from evil little animated people! just go around your castle and every two block duplicate another on top of it to make a small border, and two give more of a castley feel. Where there are cylinders you do not need to put the walls of protection.

Step 12: Coloring

Zoom out using the scroll button on your mouse and make a box to cover all of your castle so it will select the whole castle. This might get complicated so listen up,look on the right side of your screen where it is a lighter color and has many things to press.There is a horizontal  page scroll button close to the top, right under that are many icons like a camera, what looks like some photos, a globe, a block etc. select the one that looks like a two colored sphere  (if you do not see it place your mouse right in between the darker gray where where your castle is and the light gray, if you have it in the right place your mouse will look like this<-> and hold down the left button on your mouse and move your mouse left to see more icons). Once you have selected the on that looks like a sphere, press the white bar right under the bigger sphere that appears and select what color you want your castle to be. 

Step 13: Texturing

Select the icon that looks like a checker board. Find where it says tex.000 and go right under it where it says none, press the none and scroll through until you find marble and select it. You will not see a change on the screen yet but dont freak out it is not supposed to. Go to the bottom and you will see a purple bar, select that bar and then pick a color a decently darker shade than the color of your castle. Press a to deselect all. 

Step 14: Camera and Lighting Angle

On my picture you will see two thing that are selected (they are glowing orange) the more square on is the camera and he circular on is your light you do not have to add these they will already be there. change your views using the number pad or just the scroll button on your mouse and position the so you have a good angle. This does matter greatly! You will also have to rotate your camera some, press r to rotate, and press r twice in a row to have a little different way of rotating, the light you do not have to rotate since it is spherical.

Step 15: Admiring Your Beautiful Castle

This is optional but i added on last tower in the center, it thought it looked best that way. If you do this too remember to change its color and texture like we did to the rest. once you have positioned your camera press f12 on your keyboard to go into the render from your cameras view, now it will show the texture. Press esc to escape from the cameras view render, so you can continue to adjust your camera and light until you get it just right.

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