Cheap Desktop Led Clock

Introduction: Cheap Desktop Led Clock

About: I like everything from wood to plastic, all materials are good.

just needed a desk-clock that fit's on the desk from my wife it should fit with the color, and hey of course it should be self made.

Step 1: Get a DIY Kit That You Like

I ordered a kit from they have a lot of nice clock's and they even get more from month to month.

order here the clock with the nice big LED's

I ordered one without case an classic red color LED's the digit's are about 1 inch high so perfect for the desk.

Of course you can even make your own Design or order something else.

Step 2: Do the Soldering

It's quiet easy and therefore I want to show the design and making of a nice case / frame I did't show the process of soldering the parts together and to be honest I done the soldering several month ago, the kit was just laying around and waiting for a project.

Step 3: Improve the Contrast of the LED's

OK, maye you now the problem of almost any 7 segment LED display ,the contrast is not so nice.

You can use expansive filters for this, but this has to mounted and you have to get them in the right size.

Why bothering with this?

I just use a simple tape. I prefer one which is dark brown and made of paper but also the plastic one works well. Have a look at the second picture it looks really great, and the brown color goes very well with the brown color of my planned frame.

It's easy to apply just stick a long stripe of the tape on the LED's and then bend it over to the sides.

Step 4: Prepare Your Tools for the Next Step

cutting board - you don't won't cut your table

caliper gauges - check the dimensions twice is better then cutting wrong

pencil - draw the dimensions to the wood

cutter knife - this is my kind of a laser cutter

rubber - if you have to erase mistakes

get the dimensions from my blueprint, hey did you recognized I made my own blueprint background. I just scanned my cutting board.

Step 5: Get Ready and Cut

after I copy the dimensions onto a piece of 4 mm plywood I just started with my "laser" cutter to cut the needed three parts. very easy and fast.

Be carefully only cut the wood not your or other fingers.

Step 6: Get Ready for the Glue Part

Get some glue and a sandpaper ready.

Glue the stands at the right and left side of the frame and let it dry until the glue is hard.

Use the sandpaper to smooth the surface and if you wand sand some nice bevel on the 4 sides of the frame.

Step 7: Painting and Finishing the Clock

use any paint you like, today we have had so nice weather so I could go out to make the time shorter the paint was dry and ready for the almost latest step.

After the paint was dry I just sanded the whole frame again a little bit so it looks a little bit used. The small desk is over 60 years old so the clock should not look to new.

At least just press the Clock in the frame, it should just press fit.

If it is a little bit to big you can use glue to secure it in the case, if it is much to big restart at the part with the dimensions. ;)

Step 8: You Made It.

This was a short one, but very nice it is 100% accepted by my wife and very cheap.

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