Desktop Pc With Electrical Outlets

Introduction: Desktop Pc With Electrical Outlets

Desktop pc with electrical outlets

This desk was made of pine wood, its easy to make at home, is assembled with glue and wood screws.
This desk has three double shots of 2x4 ", holes for the passage of wiring, or support for voltage stabilizer and a light switch flag. It is very economical in relation to others, that are purchased in the market and are poor ..... hope you like and you like it ... thanks


This project was done in a few days the hardest part was getting the air compressor to paint ... was first sanded then sealed to apply the stain and varnish applied is finally ... everything else is easy hope this video will inspire you to make one for your home ....

Leave a comment or suggestion and proposes topics to see if I can make some videos about it and many more topics ...

This channel is for you .... Hope you enjoy

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