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Introduction: Despicable Me Minion Mobile

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Hi everyone , 
In this project I'm going to show you how to make the minion mobile  from scratch , 

I'm  also entering this in the weekend project contest so if you like this project please vote , 

ok moving on to what we need to get started ,

p.s your going to need to look at each picture and read the description carefully so you now were to put each piece ,  

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Step 1: What You Need

ok here's a list of this you need , 

 three yellow leds ,
a rc car , I used my old  tyco rc whiplash , 
cardboard , I used a plain cardboard box ,
aluminum foil , 
a large empty peanut butter container ,
a cheap dollar store tripod ,
a cheap dollar store camping lantern for parts for the turbine outer frame and the crows nest , 
Silver Car Antenna Wind Powered LED Light , like the one in the picture above , I got mine from ebay ,
a drinking  straw ,
two plastic ties ,
a small bolt ,

TOOLS I used , 
hard paper tube ,
glue gun , and  glue sticks ,
soldering gun ,
hobby knife ,
a mini metal file ,
clear tape , 
black electric tape,
epoxy glue , 
gloves for when using the epoxy  ,

NOTE > I'am not responsible for any injure's or harm that may happen to you , please be careful . 

Step 2: Getting It Together

you will need  the picture above to get an Idea on how to make the body  for your rc car , 

next draw on a piece of paper the body of the minion mobile , like shown above in the picture ,
by doing so it will help to give you an idea on the shape you need to draw on your cardboard ,

next place your rc car on a large piece of cardboard and draw the side shape around it  , look at the picture above to see what I mean ,

next cut out the shape following the line , once done make the second one by placing the shape you cut out  on another piece of cardboard , 
now cut off the extra piece on the top of your two sides ,
follow the pictures above to see what I mean , 

on to the next step

Step 3: Making the Frame

now adding supports first ,
before adding the sides we need to cut out  two piece's of cardboard for the supports , 
take the two piece's of cardboard and glue one to the front of you car and the other to the back ,
looking at the picture above you can see were to place and glue it ,

once done glue one of the body's side to the front support , like shown in the picture , and repeat on the other side ,
on the back on the body add two more supports , as shown in the picture , 

time to start the adding the top front part of the body , 
you need to cut out a piece of cardboard the and size it to fit over the front part of your car , 
now take the piece you just cut out a use the paper tube to shape it by warping it around the tube Intel it is all rolled up ,  
now take it off the tube and take one end and glue it starting from the top and down to the bottom ,  

ok on to the next step .

Step 4: Making the Rest of the Body

now cut out another piece of cardboard to fit across the top of you body ,

next cut a piece of cardboard to go across the back end before you glue it use the paper tube and roll it up into shape , 
next take it off the tube a starting from the top glue the piece of cardboard all the to the back end of the body , 

now to make the tail end of your body  you will  need three pieces of cardboard two half rounded square pieces  like shown in the picture and one long piece ,

take the long piece a round it by rolling it up , 
next glue it to each end of the rounded squares as shown in the picture , 
next to the tail piece you made a glue it to the back of the body , 
then take a long piece of cardboard and glue it the one end to the tail and the other to the body , that will add extra support to the tail ,
next cover the top of the tail by cutting out and adding another piece of cardboard sized to fit it , 

your body is now finished and ready for the next step .

Step 5: Making Your Turbine

prepare your light up antenna by removing the bottom part of the frame there should be two screws holding it on , 
and then de-solder  the leds that are inside will be adding new ones ,

next cut the frame down to a smaller size to fit inside of the bowl ,
to do that I used my soldering gun with a extra tip I use for plastic cutting ,
instead of a bowl I used the top part of my lantern by cutting two inches wide all the way around ,
keep the left over piece for the crows nest in the following steps ,
next cut a hole in the top of the bowl so that you can fit the turbine in and  place glue your turbine in place , like shown in the picture ,

next make three hole's one on the top and one on each side of the bowl to fit your leds , 
next glue your leds in place , 
on to the next step , 

Step 6: Turbine and the Tripod

next solder your leds the the positive and the negative on the circuit board on inside your turbine  ,
next take your turbine and glue the back of it to the front of your body as shown , note I did this before finishing the cars body ,

now prepare your tripod , 
unscrew the legs from the bottom and separate them  ,
once done take the two legs angle them up ware and glue them back to the bottom of the tripods base  ,
next take the extra leg and cut two pieces off to make your connector for your tripod as shown above ,

now make a hole on the back of the tail on the body to place your connector ,
now take the one piece you cut and glue it into place and then take the other piece a glue and place over top of the other piece , 
next take the top part of your tripod and glue the screw tip to the connector as shown above ,
once done take some epoxy and put it on the tripod connector to make it stronger ,

ok on to the next step

Step 7: The Dome

now you need to take your peanut butter container a draw a line around it on the top of your cars body  as shown above ,

then cut out the hole for your container , 
next cut a round piece of cardboard to fit inside of your container , 
next glue a cardboard pull tab to the bottom of your round piece of cardboard ,
then take two small pieces of cardboard and glue it to the inside rim of your container , 
now glue the tops of the two cardboard pieces and the pull the round piece of cardboard down into place as shown above ,

on to the next step .

Step 8: The Dome and the Crows Nest

on your container cut out a square door as shown above , 
then make four holes , two on the container were you cut out the door and two holes on the doors top and bottom , 
next to make your door hinge take two plastic ties a tread it throw the holes on your door and on your container as shown above , 
now to finish it by adding a door nob  I used a small bolt and glue it in place , 
now glue your container to the body were you cut out the large hole ,

next to make the crows nest ,
take the other piece of the lantern and glue a small round piece of card board to cover up the hole in the bottom as shown above ,
then take the crows nest a glue it to the end of the legs on your tripod as shown above ,
and use a jar or something to hold it in place well the glue drys , 

on to the next step .

Step 9: The Tail Pipes

to make the tail pipes  take your straw a cut it into three pieces one longer then the other .

then take some black electric tape a wrap each piece in it , 

the take a square piece of cardboard and then cut the top of the top of the cardboard round , 
then make three holes in the piece of cardboard as shown and push throw each straw and glue in place ,
then take the piece you just made and glue it to the back of your cars tail as shown above ,

on to the next step ,

Step 10: The Finale Touches

now its time to cover your car body  with pieces of aluminum foil to get the metal body look , 
take your gun glue or tape and glue or tape  pieces of foil all over your cars body making sure not to cover the leds  the dome or tail pipes or the front of the turbine , 
and make sure you wrap a piece of foil around the crows nest , now  your finished ,

 test your turbine by blowing into it to power your leds ,

now take your minion mobile  for a spin , 

I hope you've enjoyed this instructable , 

IF you have any questions feel free to ask i'll do my best to answer them , 


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