Detergent in a Teapot

I asked my mother for a silver plated teapot - she gave me this gorgeous one. It looks good, BUT it turns out it is no good for having tea - the handle gets too hot. As I've always disliked the sight of dishwashing liquid on the window sill or around the sink I have kept it in a cupboard underneath the sink. By putting the dishwashing liquid into the teapot I keep the teapot as a beautiful and useful item and take away the effort of opening the cupboard every time I wash up.

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Step 1: Dishwashing Liquid

I use a small bottle of liquid detergent.

Step 2: Pour Liquid

I pour the detergent in, then add some water. The water means that the detergent pours out quite quickly so I have to be aware of how much I am pouring. My theory is if I can use the same amount diluted as I did before I am saving some money.

Step 3: The Final Product

The teapot now lives on my window sill next to the teapot I use for tea. The detergent is accessible, and the teapot is useful as well as gorgeous.

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    2 years ago

    If the handle gets too hot, you could pick up some sugru moldable rubberized sticky stuff. Make a colorful silicone rubber grip for the teapot. Very durable and no more burnt fingers.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks - you might also like the idea that my friends at use. They have a ball of string in a teapot with the end coming out of the spout, when they wrap things it's easy to pull on the string and it doesn't get tangled.