Digital Camera Macro Lens

Introduction: Digital Camera Macro Lens

Not wanting to spend big bucks on a macro lens?
This project is based on upgrading my Polaroid i-zone 550.
It's a nice inexpensive cam ,sadly it will not take a closeup photo.
Also this will make several attachments such as filters.
As the basic parts work i am ordering an assortment of magnifying loupes loupes
so will have various powers of lenses.
All photos (except the cell phone one) are taken with the i-550.

Step 1: Finding Stuff

My camera has a plastic body, so can superglue stuff to it .
I took it to the hardware store and found some PVC water pipe than fit over the lens betzel,also got one coupler 3/4" .
under a buck for the pipe (would not sell me less than a foot for some reason ) and one coupler
My killer 3x MAGNIFYING GLASS WITH 8 LED LAMP I need to see little stuff so it was for the testing of this.
Superglue after duck tape this is always in the top drawer of tool box.
Trim saw,sandpaper,deburring tool and ready to get busy.

Step 2: Cut & Glue

I used a miter saw (fast and accurate )but can use a hacksaw circular saw PVC does not take much effort . Make sure to cut the pipe square on both ends. the mounting bushing is 9/16" long.
the coupler I cut it off to the internal bump (that keeps pipe from going more than 1/2 way through the coupler.
I used a deburring tool (razor knife ) to chamfer the inside of the PVC pipe
must have
Note how fuzzy the closeup is in this photo.
Now my bushing fits so snugly to the bezel.
lighty sand the bushing useing 220 grit and soapy water to remove the fine PVC dust.
A test fit to ensure that the bushing would not be in the frame.
4 small drops of Superglue on the bushing and it sticks to the camera housing.

Step 3: Fit and Finish

Only photo on this not from my Izone camera
this is a 3x magnifying ,from test I am getting nice photos with the camera on 4x digital zoom.
The coupler holds the lens 1" from the camera it slips off leaving the little 9/16" bushing attached.
Photos taken with the coupler on camera did not infringe on the frame.
More couplers will be cut down and filters will be glues to them.
I can not wait for the loupes to come in assortment of multipliers up to 10x

Step 4: So Does It Work?

I am pleased with how this works,and on full zoom ( 4x ) gets a good photo if enough light.
now i can get detailed photos. All photos ( except the cell shot) were taken with my i-zone 550.
The 2 photos of the fly are straight from the camera the others I use Kal's soap to crop and color fix.
All photos unedited are posted here macro
Stay tuned for when my loupes come in will have the filters by then as well

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    7 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i did something similar.
    check out my website:
    the results are at the site "Makro" and you find fotos of the projekt at the site "Projekte"


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i kno thoes cameras suck!!!, i used taht one and everyone said that the pictures where horrible. tanks for the tip


    12 years ago on Introduction

    pretty cool I did this with a peep hole for the door for a different look.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Cool can you post or link us to them? door peep hole would be a fisheye lens,i need more couplers lol. The plan is to make some filters as well for this camera


    12 years ago on Introduction

    late last night I tore apart some 8x30 binoculars to get the big lenses out. a quick comparison showed that my mag glass was stronger. taped together not much more powerful. stacked all 3 lenses took a photo of my pet bug ( now my profile pix ) the more powerful lenses the more light I need ( Duh ) working on that today. Please vote on this and leave comments , I found very little on macro mods for the cheaper cameras (that had before and after photos ,not web shots ) . I think this would work on many of the low buck cameras,