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Introduction: Digital Camera Recase Into Film Slr

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

firstly i should point out that the slr was in very poor shape before i remodeled its innards ,
secondly the step by step bit is a bit vague i did this pre olympics in fact i finished it the night before the opening ceremony.
took about 30 hours over several weeks

Step 1: Misplacement

the camera had 2 boards which needed to be distanced so i had to put wires where the boards connected. the twisty dial is being kept but its board needed trimming

Step 2: Patching Up

completely different buttons means different hole configuration. metal and car body filler. i reversed the plastic from the front of the digital camera and stuck it where the lens goes. the slr had a timer on the front so more filling , did a test run for colour selection

Step 3: Eyeing Up

getting new buttons reddy and sorting out composition inside body, more trimming needed to enlarge case, also the flash installed. also colour modification made

Step 4: Gunge Away

finding space for flash cap, adding insulation, checking clearances, and getting the lens in the right place

Step 5: It Dont Look Good Do It?

putting the control buttons in and seeing if the wires will fit, also checking for short circuits

Step 6: Now Concentrate

more tiny soldering to get control buttons to work, note celebratory glass of absinthe

Step 7: Ram It In

put new twisty dial top on with push through shutter button, hot glue keeps wires safe and holds screen in place, try not to glue finger into wires

Step 8: Squishy Squashy

rubber bands over a couple of days gently squash all the wires into the case, keeping check of if the thing still works.also leatherette is added to case. battery's only just fit in.and a hasty sd card slot is made

Step 9: Add a Logo and Go

controls all labeled and away you go



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    I've been trying to do a simular thing but im really snuggling with extending the wire as they are way to small to solder. What digital camera did you use?

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    I have a nikon f4. I really like it, because all the settings are on dials. do you think it would be possible to put a nikon dslr into the body, or would it be too complex?(af, etc.) I could just put a point and shoot into it.

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    theres a lot to think about there, dslr?think youll run into space issues, sony do some large sensor compacts, but there not might be able to use the original lens. A lot depends on how the f4s controls work inside the camera , to determin how thir functionality could be used. Youneverknowuntil you rip it open and have a good look inside :-)

    Im sure with time and skills it is possible but is it worth the time ? But it does seem like a neat project and fefinately would be a piece of eye catching and proudn piece of creation ;)

    I think the value worthieness of time , comes from seeing if it can be done, the experience gained from the build teaches and enhances skillset. Doing these kinds of builds is down to the individual and what they would like to make having a resource of being able to see what others have made can inspire and contextualise the idea, and with build tips it can make realization of an idea or concept , closer to possible with a resource of information covering all sorts of things.iv added to instructables and iv learnt and been inspired by it, also entering the competitions can get some neat stuff if you really go for it.And for me Having a portfolio of made objects could in the long term could help a creative career. fingers crossed.

    hmm.. I just bought a konica autoreflex tc.. so I could just fit a compact into the body?

    Great idea! I was wondering if I could put the digital sensor into a film camera to utilize my antique lenses.

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    thank is possible. the trick is to find a digital camera your willing to break that has a large ish sensor, or by adding a converter lens to try and squeeze the image onto the sensor.. otherwise you end up with an enormous amount of crop .

    heres one i made earlier :-)

    practika fujian.JPGDSCF3109.JPGPICT3164.JPG

    really cool!
    I try to do it too but i cant handle with this electronic work
    do you think an electrician would do the work with the cables for me?
    I become desperate

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    theres not much to the lectrics, no changes to the circit just making it longer, some practice and patence, a small tip iron ,one of those helping hands things, small serrated "mosquito" forceps .some cheap redyspex (get high power ones so you can only see 8 inches in front of your face) using proper thin wire helps alot (.4mm solid wire is great for this kind of thing)this project uses stranded .6mm wire from a keyboard ps2 lead. the hot glue gun is essential , the tiny joins are weak so with each wire or switch solder test then glue when theres loads in one place you just gotta be carefull to one big thes then glue the lot.
    top tip wire ribbon makes this kind of thing more difficault,so i found recently.
    this kind of soldering has more in common with model making , beading or jewellery smithing.most electricians have terrible soldering (sorry electricians) , and the soldering process more or less happens at the same time as the body assembely and glueing, the stages are not that clear cut.
    i reccomend to you to get a few of the little soldering kits ,flashing lights , 555 sound generator, digital alarm clock.their quite cheap so no worries, to get a feel for it then go a bit bigger like this up down counter, then start putting new switches or remote buttons on things that have 'no user servicable parts inside'
    this camera was quite a fiddeley one, other things to look at and inspire online is hacking a snes ,putting prosound on a nintendo game boy.
    as with most things theres a learning curve,if its something you like you dont notice the curve and skills develop quickly.working in good light(100w not energy saving bulb positionable lamp)good chair and keep your elbows and wrists on the tabel for steadyness. non plasticky tabel you dont mind hurting you dont need that distraction,marine ply sanded with finishing paper to a shine is my favourite surface just between matt and gloss finish.the road to disaster puts newspaper down first, no go and enjoy the fumes!


    i like this.....not the choosen color but i like the combination of modern and retro....also you can use the old lenses for zooming the camera right?

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    not on this on ,this just uses the stock kodak lend , i did do a praktica fujian combo that the lens can be changed on, most of london was in this colour scheme for the last month it was hideous