This Gun Sucks But U Dont Have to Say It




Introduction: This Gun Sucks But U Dont Have to Say It

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    What the heck.

    This doesn't even look like a gun.

    Sigh i tend to see that if there is a gun that is really lame or has a block trigger everyone has to leave a message and say omg not another one, or the list, dont you think its kind of a waste of time to post the message if it isnt going to stop people from posting them? Its like instinct for knex experts to just have to leave a comment on a gun... i just say wow thats crap and don't leave a message, i dont even click on it! Its mostly DSman and Oompa-Loompa now that tend to leave messages on absolutely every knex instructable...

    my god, this is WORSE than a block trigger. it doesnt even have teh block trigger, but it still would suck with one regardless