Dimmable Wooden Desk Lamp

Intro: Dimmable Wooden Desk Lamp

My room lighting was not good enough to acomodate for fine work like opening up electronic, soldering, etc. Therefore based on my need I built a wooden desk lamp.


Any thin, long peice of wood(for the frame), I used balsa wood

2 big screws(smaller than your peice of wood)

1 nut, and one wing nut

Ply wood or other wood for the base

led lamp, or some form of lighting

epoxy, or hot glue



jigsaw, or hand saw

glue gun, or any other optional tools

Step 1: Making the Frame

Since every one will have different lights, You will have to make your own holder, or engineer a way to hold the 'light' to the frame. You can see how I did mine with the photos attached above, plus this is where my other screw, and nut came into play.

I cut the balsa wood to my desired length, and then I drilled a hole near the end of the 2 pieces, and connected them via a wing nut, and an appropriate screw, this would allow me to tilt the lamp back, and forth for height adjustment.

Depending on the length, and width of the wood used in the frame, you should trace it out in the middle of the base wood, and cut it. the trick to cutting a rectangle in the middle of wood is to drill a guide hole inside of the piece of wood that will be cut off, and then using a manual saw, or a jig saw to cut away a slot for the frame to sit in the base wood.

next glue in the frame to the hole you cut in the base, I used epoxy, but you could use hotglue, or some other strong equivilent

Step 2: Final Touches

I simply attached wires through double side tape, but you could just as easily use tie bases, and zip ties

I sanded the corners of the frame, and I used a router to round the edges of the base. After this I used a walnut stain to give the wood, a much more professional, and luxurious look.

I also attached a potentiometer in series, so i could control the brightness, and this went in my control box, which is a part of my other project.

For more enquires email me at- saraltayal@woodstock.ac.in or you could leave a comment, and I will reply promplty after.

Thanks for giving me your time :D



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