Dinosaur Edible Eggs




has a dinosaur hiding inside

Step 1: What You Need

for these you need,
icing sugar
dinosaur toys or animals
packet of crisps
digestive biscuits
yellow food colouring

Step 2: Chocolate

put the chocolate in a bowl then into the microwave for 50 seconds then stir it, repeat this until it's melted

Step 3:

put the chocolate into a large bowl.
crush the crisps into a mush then add them to the chocolate

Step 4:

This is very messy
mix the crisps with your hands to make a thick stodgy mixture

Step 5:

mix the icing sugar with some water and the yellow food colouring
dip the toy in the yellow mixture (this makes the toy sticky so that the chocolate sticks to it.)

Step 6:

This is messy to
add a tea spoon of the icing sugar mixture to the chocolate to make it sticky then mould it around the toy to create an egg shape

Step 7:

crumble the digestive biscuit up onto a plate
place the chocolate mass onto it and roll it around so that it's covered
to make more covered put some of the yellow icing on your fingers then rub it onto the egg then role it around again.
put it in the fridge to harden then enjoy

Step 8: Finished;)

When eating mind the toy inside!;)



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    4 years ago

    I think I figured out what the Crisps are, but what are digestive biscuits? Love this. Will be great to make for the grandkids as a treat & a surprise!


    4 years ago

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