Disposable Whisk/mixer




Introduction: Disposable Whisk/mixer

Been wanting to make some firestarters for camping using some cedar chips, paraffin and egg carton.  But wasn't sure how to quickly incorporate the melted paraffin with wood. 

Using a kitchen whisk was out of the question - probably wouldn't work and I'd have an upset wife if I destroyed any more kitchen utensils.

Also didn't want to use my grout stirrer because of possible contamination on future use.

What I needed was something that could be used one once and tossed.

While pondering this dilemma over a beverage the solution came to me.  All I had to do was finish my beverage and grab a couple bike spokes.

Assembly only took a few minutes and it worked like a champ.  Left me plenty of time to celebrate with another beverage.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Step 1:
Finish your favorite canned beverage.  Yum.
Grab 4 spokes from the tool box... Every toolbox should have at least half a dozen bike spokes.  These little suckers may be the most versatile utensil in a toolbox.

Step 2: Punch a Couple Holes

Punch 4 holes in bottom of can.  I used a nail about the same diameter as my spokes.  Tried to keep them as symmetrically located as possible.

Step 3: Carefully Cut Can

Step 3:
Cut bottom out of can.  I went up about a half inch or so - does not seem to matter much.  It should be obvious that the aluminum edges exposed are quite sharp.  I don't know exactly how sharp because I'm bright enough not to touch them -  I advise you to do the same.

Step 4: Assembly

Insert spokes so they stick out the bottom of the can.  Use a pliers to carefully fold the can over the bend in the spokes.  I smushed the can over pretty tightly to keep the spokes in place.

Step 5: Finished Mixer

I applied a bit of duct tape to the top of the spokes in order to hold everything together. 

Put the duct taped end in my drill and was able to mix the wood chips and paraffin.

A couple notes. 
... I didn't exactly measure things out, when I gave it a spin in the air it was not balanced very well and shook quite a bit.  Worked fine when spinning in stuff.
... The aluminum edges are sharp, also possible that some of them could break free.  Be careful with what you are spinning, may end up with some shavings.
... If you need to make more than a couple I'd recommend some help with the beverage part.

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    5 years ago

    What? You didn't volunteer to help with the consuming the extra beverages? Loose four man points!