3d Printing Pen


Introduction: 3d Printing Pen

hello I'm 14 and ever since I saw the 3 d printer pen i thought "i need to find a way to make this work but everyone can do"

WARNING: only use ABS Thermoplastic 3d printing film any size works

another note, this is just the piece to the puzzle my family cant afford to buy abs thermoplastic so this is just a proposition for you to build upon because i am on a zero dollar budget here so now this is your idea as the reader to make this work

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

you will need:

1: high heat hot glue gun

2:a pair of snips

3:a battery

4: the only thing you need to buy is a worm gear dc motor (sorry)

5: u shaped bendable plastic( relatively thin )

6: wire

7: and an on off switch.

and you're ready!

Step 2: Step 1: Wiring the Motor

motor goes to switch,then switch goes to battery. pretty simple! I would solder instead of twisting the wires.

Step 3: Step 2: Preparing the Hot Glue Gun for the Parts

so basically just snip anything that could block the inner components from not fitting right. also a hole in the top for the switch. also the handle has to come off as well(if you want it to be pen shaped).

Step 4: Step 4:motor Mods!

all you need to do is modify a wor

Step 5: Step 3: Mechanics Insertion!(almost There!)

basicaly just insert the inner components and then screw the body together. i would suggest taping it together with duct tape (because duct tape is AWESOME!!)

Step 6: Step 5: You're Done

now you're done! happy printing! just flick the switch and print away!



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    1 year ago

    I hope you will come with working idea.


    1 year ago

    It is dangerous.
    No small DC motor can push material in hot glue gun. Torque conversion is required. But a nice attempt. I hope will come with some working idea.
    I myself wsnt to make one for my son. A battery driven.
    Good luck my friend


    Sir, I read your entire tutorial and from what you are describing will not work,1 the motor is a DC stepper motor and requires a special driver circuit it only runs on DC,How you get the ballscrew to drive the plastic through the hot end is a big mystery as you do not show any mechanical methods, the hot end requires a temperature control circuit of which you show nothing. you have a great idea but it is not workable in the format shown. PLEASE DO NOT PLUG THIS THING INTO ANY ELECTRICAL OUTLET AS IT WILL BURN UP AND YOU WILL BE INJURED.

    Can you post some stuff you made?

    First you don't need to apologize. You just keep on creating,I am proud of you.

    Having passion is the first step and you will get the other bits.

    Some of us always need more help,so just keep that in mind ,I can't wait to see what else you come up with. I am going to try making it.

    Good job. Jewels

    just modify a worm gear shaft onto a dc motor i cant get pics though im sorry

    Man, I saw the pen too, and wanted to make one, but since I'm a total beginner at all of this stuff, I didn't know how to. Looking forward to updates, hopefully I can make one :)

    more pictures and details, where does the motor go? how does the motor connect to the plastic?
    its a stepper motor, you cant just connect it to a battery and it will turn
    have you got any proof that it works?

    1 reply

    oh its just a different shaft (worm gear setup??) on a standard DC so it should work

    This is a sick idea!!! I am looking forward to making this once your instructions are complete! If you want some ideas, hit me up and we can collab!

    im sooooo sorry i forgot to add in the motor modifications and placement i will start now . again so sorry. (and it does work ) sorry