Diy Dirt Cheap Hepa Filter for Your Vacuum !!




Introduction: Diy Dirt Cheap Hepa Filter for Your Vacuum !!

I live in a town with a lead smelter and have lots of animals, so needless to say dust is a huge problem, after vacuuming i feel horrible for a couple days, so i invented a solution

Step 1: What You Need.

you will need the following items:

old cardboard box,

felt pen or pencil,


duct tape,

respirator dust filters.

Step 2:

fins a nice spot on your box to trace your filters, they are just normal p-100 dust filters i have tons laying around

Step 3:

use the duct tape to seal the filters to the cardboard, the better the seal the better it will all work!

Step 4: The Enclosure

bend and tape the cardboard into an enclosure for the filters, make sure the airflow is going the right direction thru the filters!  "very important"     the port to attach to your vacuum has to be custom made because you will have a different vacuum!

Step 5: Attaching to Your Vacuum!

locate the exhaust port on your vacuum and tape the whole unit right over top, try not to let any air out, also make sure the filter unit doesnt impair the movement of the vacuum,   the filters will have to be replaced once they become plugged, or you will restrict your vac and make it overheat!!

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    3 years ago

    Dirt cheap? Groan ....