Diy Flashlight

robust 8 led flashlight.

Step 1: The Flashlight

Tbh made this purely to make something and for the fact that i need something that will not break with the first time you drop it.

This a really simple build.

get a small project box and drill 8 holes. 5 mm. push the leds through.

Then cut a small piece of pcb board to size and carefully line the pins from the leds with the holes in the board. Then solder al the pins.
Take the board out and make your "power rails". Solder on your wires and push it back in. Be careful not to bend the leds in the proces like i did.

drill 2 holes for your switches. 1 for the toggle swith and one for your push button.

Now comes the part where i made a big mistake. The plan was to use a 2x aa battery holder, but it didn't fit. stupid me. So i used a coincell holder. its also 3v and will see how long it last. Solder your switches and you're finished.

I use this for my work. i am a truck driver so i want something that can take a bit of abuse.



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