Diy Hubsan Hexacopter Rebuild




Introduction: Diy Hubsan Hexacopter Rebuild

I built this two days ago, it and little diy hubsan hexacopter rebuild for old parts.

Step 1: The Brainstorming Step

I thought that I could cheat the hubsan quadrocopter, to think that it just has more lift, by connecting the 4 wires in parallel, so that motor 3-4 is running 4 motors.

Step 2: The Show Off Step

when you don, just glue it pics by pics. put in the electronics and the props. and off you go and hexacopter.

Step 3: And the Testing Step.

well I went outside to test it in reallife conditions.



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    I solder them to the motors I parallel. it works fine here, but you should know that the motor with black wire is only made for one direction of spin, visa versa is the blue wired one, remember til get that in the right order, just like the original hubsan. then add the motors black on one side, and blue on the other side, and give them the proper props for their spin. that's it.

    how and where did you wire in the two extra motors mine just yaws left a lot with them wired parallel to the two back motors

    the original one from hubsan.

    the link is a video of testing the hexacopter. fill free to take a look.