Diy Joystick Fling for Tablets


Introduction: Diy Joystick Fling for Tablets

made with soda plastic bottle and sponge



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    Soo very cool! U r a super genious! Giving me ideas for other projects!
    Just 1 question! "HOW DID U GET THIS IDEA!"

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    after seeing the original, and after trying various materials we have at home all I happened to use plastic bottle
    I'm a bit like macgyver use what I have at hand
    greetings good I'm glad you like it
    until next

    MacGyver is cool! I din't knew about him till you mentioned him. Got to watch all his episodes. Thanks for mentioning!

    sorry, the video quality is not very good and there is plenty of light. but if you see them again a few times and after a couple of tests that it is really difficult to get