Diy Mobile Jacket





Introduction: Diy Mobile Jacket

i am sure you all are the fans of iphone mobile jackets.. however such mobile jackets are not available for other mobile sets. 

thus i thought lets make one for our own mobiles.   

the tutorial is about jacket number 1.

Step 1: Things Required

1. a mobile jacket. ( i am using holes one)
2. thread ( optional)
3. sequins 
4. heart sticker.
5. beads(optional)
6. diamentes.
7. clear nail polish

Step 2: Threading the Jacket. (optional)

if your jacket have holes like mine, i would ask you to make this heart via stitching.

Step 3: Now Make Another Heart

but this time with beads :) i only stitched the beads by the help of holes.. it is a tricky part as you need to link the previous bead with the next ones in order to make the perfect shape :).. take help from an adult( or someone who know how to sew beads)

Step 4: Fill the Beaded Heart With Big Diamentes

i used white and red dimentes..

Step 5: Your Jacket Is Ready

:) happy making.



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    no my dear. i have used diamante (in two color as there were the only ones available) and sequin :) no rhinestones. in my country rhinestones are not available :)