Diy 4ft. or 3ft.quarter Pipe Easy




this instructable will show you how to easily make a perfect quarter pipe with:

4: sheets of 1/4 inch 4 by 8ply wood
6: sheets of 1/2 inch 4 by 8 ply wood
11: 2 by 4s each 5 ft 11 inches long
2: 2 by 4s at least 5 ft long.

if you want to build a 3 ft half pipe use 3 sheets of 1/2in ply wood. by over lapping the curves.

building supplies:

skill saw or carving saw
table saw circular saw or hand saw
200 - 300 2 inch screws.
a hammer might come in handy.

Step 1: Drawing the Pull In

get 6 1/2 ft of non stretchy string and a pencil

and a 6 ft board and a few screws

screw the 6 ft board into the ply wood so it looks like my picture.

make sure there is an inch of space on the ply wood between the board.

now for the string

go to the top of the board and measure one inch down from the top and but a screw in to it.

now tie your string onto the screw

and on the other end tie a pencil make sure the pencil is perfectly on the bottom of the ply wood as seen in my picture.

now keep the string pulled taught ,the pencil strait up and go up and down a couple times until you get a nice smooth line. that looks like mine.

now if you're going to use coping or not draw a little notch in the top to put your coping into if you're using a 2 inch tube make the notch 1 1/2 inches each way.

Step 2: Cutting

cuttin time!

cut along your line.

pic 2 now go get two more ply wood pieces that have to be 4 by 8 ft. and position them under each other and screw them together. snugly!

pic 3 now cut along the line of the first one you made.

cut slots that would fit your 2/4s an the slopeing part cut a notch every 8 inches or so that should leave you with about 5 slots maybe 6 on the last one where there isn't enough room to cut it downward you need to cut it horizontal.

if you're making the 3 ft half pipe use picture 5

Step 3: 2 by 4s

ad some 2 by 4s into all the notches.

pic 3 screw them in now.

Step 4: Surfaceing

to build the surface do this.

use the 1/4 inch ply wood and use two layers.

the ply wood will be too long make sure you have about 7 inches hanging off the bottom part. so you can cut it off to make it smoother.
2 cut off whatever happens to hang over the notch that you cut out for the coping and if you aren't using coping cut it off where it comes to the top

to get the ply wood to bend easier you may need to lay it on your drive way grass of patio and spray it with a hose the patio or drive way works the best because it locks the water under it and absorbs it.

Step 5: Copeing

to but the copeing you need to drill 4 holes int o the pipe and then drive a screw through it into the board

pic 2 this is a more detailed description

Step 6: The Platform

the platform is 2 ft long and 6 ft wide. but it can vary about an inch or so.

pic 2 get the shape

pic 3 screw it in place



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2 years ago

If I am a beginner BMX rider and can't really grind or anything of that sort, would I still need the coping?

2 replies

Reply 1 year ago

yes you still would need coping. trust me it will be worth it. and once you get better then you will want it.


Reply 2 years ago

Or better put, do I even need the coping or can I just use a wooden edge?

mADER 8932

2 years ago

how long did it take u to build


2 years ago

To all the people worried about price, just look up the concrete version, the filling is Just rocks and dirt covered by the metal, the thing that costs the most about would either be the concrete covering it which would be at most 30$ or the wood sides used to shape the fill


3 years ago



4 years ago on Introduction

The surfacing image looks like it's 4 feet wide and only needs one sheet to cover, but later you say the platform in 6 feet wide. How did you deal with the surfacing width?

All the 2x4 s and stuff I got from a construction site for free and Im using roofing nails thtat are pretty strong and long. Now I just need the plywood lol Very nice work everybody. @the_burrito_master hey please email me and give some tips!

how in the world does that cost anywhere near those ammounts? plywoods like $8-$15 a sheet. and that pipe would be like $10. do you live somewhere where supplies are expensive?


Reply 4 years ago

There is no way you can build this for $100. Maybe with lumber prices from 30 years ago. A sheet of legit plywood goes for at least $20 a pop. You need at least 6 sheets to make a small decent quarter. Plus you need about 15 2x4's, screws and tools.


4 years ago

Hey I was wondering how you draw the curve for the 3ft pipe


5 years ago

What is the diameter of the coping?