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Introduction: Doll Chair

An while ago, my sister asked me if I could make a doll chair for her daughter. I did not wanted to make a normal model, but I also did not want to give lots of money on it.  Therefore I started looking in our garage for useful materials and suddenly I found a lot of long wooden slats of 1 by 0,5 centimeters. This gave me an idea ...

Step 1: The Design

I started with the design of the chair in autocad. The design is really just a stacking of wooden slats and is therefore a quite simple and easy to build project.
All you need is wooden slats of 1cm by 0.5cm and wood glue. Here all sizes and how much you need of each:
- 4 pieces of 60 cm
- 4 pieces of 50 cm
- 20 pieces of 26 cm
- 2 pieces of 20 cm
- 23 pieces of 18 cm
- 2 pieces of 16 cm
- 15 pieces of 9 cm
- 82 pieces of 1 cm

This is a total of 16,63m (Here in Belgium, the standard length of these slats is 2.5 m , so this means seven pieces. Do not ask me why we had so many slats in our garage ... :D)

Step 2: Assembling

After sawing the pieces it is just a matter of gluing them in the correct order. Between the slats, I used drops of wood glue.
I made a VIDEO so you can see the order in which you have to glue them ...

Step 3: Done !

Your chair is finished! Now all you need is a doll !

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