Dollar Bill Skeleton


Introduction: Dollar Bill Skeleton

something my girlfriend and i worked on last summer.



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    first i had to make blueprints for the parts. i basically looked at reference images and drew the "front" and "side" for the spine, rib cage, pelvis and femurs, then i just used segments of toothpicks and glued them together until the form finally filled out in accordance to the blueprints i drew up. unfortunately i have no plans to make a full tutorial on how to make this because what you see here took 30+ hours of work and i don't feel like making another one. if enough people want a basic explanation though, i'll probably be glad to make one. just don't expect anything super detailed


    Thanks for explaining the technique you used. I did not see the toothpicks when I first looked at it, now that I know what it is made of it becomes a lot clearer.